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HSP Deluxe Max Air Flow Bundle (2007.5-2010 Chevrolet / GMC)

HSP Deluxe Max Air Flow Bundle (2007.5-2010 Chevrolet / GMC)

Brand: HSP Diesel


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The 484-HSP is best known as the Deluxe Max Air Flow Bundle for the 2007.5-2010 LMM Duramax equipped Chevrolet and GMC trucks. This bundle kit is the way to go if you are looking to get everything that HSP Diesel makes for the LMM to increase and maximize performance.

What is the Deluxe Max Air Flow Bundle for the LMM?

The Deluxe Max Air Flow Bundle for the LMM Duramax trucks is a great kit for the person looking to get everything they need all at one time. This kit works great even for those of you who are thinking they will never go away from the factory turbo or injection system because this bundle brings out the maximum performance in those factory systems. The Deluxe Max Air Flow Bundle will also work well with drop-in style turbochargers and aftermarket injection systems.

Tell us about the Cold Air Intake that comes in the Deluxe Max Air Flow Bundle

The Cold Air Intake in the Deluxe Max Air Flow Bundle makes major changes compared to the factory setup. HSP Diesel started with making changes to the size of the intake tube increasing the intake tube to a 4 1/2 Inch design to bring as much air through the tube as possible. While we saw an increase in the amount of air we could bring in we needed to make sure the intake could actually breathe that amount of air in. So we paired the intake with a high-quality filter and an open design, we used our heat shield box to prevent the hot air from the engine bay from being sucked into the intake. We have seen on an average 20 horsepower and 58 pounds of torque increase on the dyno.

Tell us about the Hot Side Intercooler Tube that comes in the Deluxe Max Air Flow Bundle

The Hot Side Intercooler Tube is a part that fails not Only often but causes major headaches when it does fail. Now what we mean by that is this Hot Side Intercooler Pipe often leaks at the factory lower intercooler boot. HSP Diesel solved this problem by removing the need for that boot and allowing for a straight connection at the intercooler. HSP Diesel also increased the Intercooler Tube to a 3 Inch mandrel-bent style. This gives a lot more space for air to be packed into that tube and with the mandrel bends, we were able to minimize the turbulence and increase the overall flow up to 40 Percent.

Tell us about the Max Flow Bridge and Cold Side Tube that comes in the Deluxe Max Air Flow Bundle

The HSP Diesel Max Flow Bridge and Cold Side Tube make a massive difference when compared to the factory design. To start the HSP Diesel Max Flow Bridge is a two-piece design, we did this to make sure that not Only would the bridge install easy but it would hold up to boost better because of the O-Ring seal that holds it together. Combined with the Max Flow Bridge is the HSP Diesel Cold Side Tube, this tube is a 3 Inch diameter mandrel-bent design that increases the flow and reduces the likelihood of failures. Increasing the performance overall of the entire system.

Tell us about the Billet Thermostat Housing Kit that comes in the Deluxe Max Air Flow Bundle

The Billet Thermostat Housing Kit in the Deluxe Max Air Flow Bundle is a great addition to any truck. We designed this kit to not Only work better than the factory setup but also look better. HSP Diesel did this by removing the coolant hose that goes over the driver's side valve cover, this gave much more ample room for engine work and modifications. In addition to moving this, we use a Billet aluminum that is CNC machined to give an even better look and performance.

Tell us about the 2 Inch Replacement Up-Pipes that come in the Deluxe Max Air Flow Bundle

The 2 Inch Up-Pipes from HSP Diesel are game-changers when it comes to flow and reliability. Using a heavy wall 304 Stainless steel tubing and sleeved bellows these up-pipes are here to work and stand the test of time. Due to the more open design and better flow, we saw a decrease in EGT's and increase in spool up.

Tell us about the VGT Intake Mouthpiece that comes in the Deluxe Max Air Flow Bundle

The VGT Intake Mouthpiece is a part that when inside the Deluxe Max Air Flow Bundle brings everything together. The VGT Intake Mouthpiece is important because all of this added flow doesn't work if we can't handle the air that comes in through the intake. The VGT Intake Mouthpiece is hand-assembled and creates a much better seal with the O-Ring style and this prevents unfiltered air from getting into the turbo and creating a boost leak. Our Intake Mouthpiece gives you the ability to reroute your factory PCV system and remove the factory resonator box, eliminating unwanted engine oil gumming up the turbo and intake system (PCV re-route sold separately see 003-1-HSP).

Tell us about the Factory Replacement Coolant Tank that comes in the Deluxe Max Air Flow Bundle

The factory coolant tank in the Duramax engine is prone to not just failure but looking awful. We say this because it is made of plastic and that plastic gets dirty and turns yellow quickly. We also see a common failure point of the factory coolant tank cracking this causes leaks and can quickly turn into a major failure of components. We solve this problem by making the Factory Replacement Coolant Tanks out of CNC bent and cut aluminum that is then hand-assembled. Using factory provisions and low coolant sensor this tank is a drop-in design.

What comes with the HSP Deluxe Max Air Flow Bundle?

  • (1) 3 Inch Mandrel-bent hot side tube
  • (1) 3 Inch Mandrel-bent cold side tube
  • (1) 3 Inch Max Flow Bridge
  • (1) Cold Air Intake
  • (1) 2.5 Inch Passenger side up-pipe
  • (1) 2.5 Inch Drivers side up-pipe
  • (1) VGT intake mouthpiece
  • (1) Replacement coolant tank
  • (1) Billet thermostat housing kit
  • (3) 3 Inch x 4 Inch Straight boot
  • (7) 3 Inch T-bolt Clamp
  • (1) 2.25 Inch - 3 Inch Reducer boot
  • (1) 2.25 Inch t-bolt clamp
  • (2) 5/8 Inch Worm gear clamp
  • (1) 1/8 Inch NPT Brass plug
  • (1) Bridge Neck O-ring
  • (2) Bridge neck stud
  • (2) Bridge neck 12-point nut
  • (2) M4x.7x10mm bolt
  • (3) 10-32 x 3/8 Inch Button head screw
  • (4) 1/8 Inch Aluminum Rivet
  • (1) 4 Inch - 4.5 Inch Reducer boot
  • (1) 4 Inch t-bolt clamp
  • (1) 4.5 Inch T-bolt clamp
  • (1) 4.5 Inch filter
  • (1) Turbo inlet o-ring
  • (1) radiator cap
  • (5) 1/2 Inch worm gear clamp
  • (1) 1 Inch worm gear clamp
  • (1) 1/2 Inch NPT float switch
  • (1) Low coolant sensor
  • (1) Thermostat housing o-ring
  • (4) M8x1.25-25mm Socket cap bolt
  • (4) M6x1.0-18mm Socket Cap bolt
  • (1) M14x1.5 to 3/8 Inch hose barb
  • (1) M14x1.5 Metric Port plug
  • (1) Metric Bonding seal 14mm
  • (1) 1.75 Inch x3 Inch Straight boot
  • (1) 1.75 Inch 90 degree Boot
  • (4) 1 3/4 Inch worm gear clamp
  • (2) up-pipe gasket (turbo side)
  • (2) up-pipe gasket (manifold side)

Special note

    At this time HSP Diesel is making a running change in boot style. This means you will possibly get boots with no logos on them. Please know we are doing this to make sure we can continue to provide you with the high-quality parts you have gotten from HSP Diesel in the past.

What Does The HSP Deluxe Max Air Flow Bundle Fit?

  • LMM: 07.5-10 VIN Code 6

How do people know the VIN code?

Engine code is dictated by the 8th character of the VIN number. The 10th character is the year of the truck.


  • Increased performance
  • Maximizes factory parts
  • High flowing cold air intake
  • 3 Inch Diameter hot and cold side tubes
  • High strength 5 layer silicone boots
  • Powder Coat options for a clean look under the hood
  • Replaces prone to failure factory parts

Our Warranty


At HSP we believe in our products and we stand firmly behind every single one that leaves our facility. For years we have taken care of almost everything ans anything that our customers had issues with, but we didn't have a InchСљset in stone Inch warranty. We have always gone above and beyond for our customers which set us apart from the rest. We will continue that same standard, but now we are taking things to the next level.

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